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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

CW (Cambridge Wireless)
 'Is small-cell thinking changing the face of remote and rural coverage?' Small Cell SIG event - Cambridge
more.. A broadband experience for all regardless of geographic location is well established as a political mantra. Confirmed speakers: Enrico Nigra Gattinotta of NOKIA, Bozidar Radunovic of Microsoft Research, Julie Bradford of Real Wireless, Neil Winrow of Ip.access and Ayan Ghosh of EE29/06/17
 'Radio Technology: Realising the future' – Joint Academic & Industry and Radio Technology SIG event – London
more.. In radio communications, the laws of physics clash with the best laid plans of product designers. Their job is a constant struggle to balance the desire for a small, attractive, cheap, highly functional, device with infinite battery life against the characteristics of real antennas, batteries, radio circuits and the compromises inherent in making things in large quantities. Yet every so often something comes along that changes the game: a new type of antenna; a new filter technology; new ways to make radio receivers. Research is often focused on the short term needs of just getting a new product into production inside a company; or can be long-term with no obvious focus but of great scientific interest to academics.04/07/17
 'It’s all about the people!' Business SIG event - London - FREE EVENT
more.. You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you don’t have the right people in place to deliver it, your business won’t succeed. No matter what else you do - it’s all about the people! Join us for this free event hosted by Taylor Vinters in London to find out more and to discuss with like-minded peers the importance of having the right team to grow the business. Confirmed facilitators are Faye Holland of Cofinitive Ltd, Vicky Sleight of Perfect Ltd, Dominic Holmes of Taylor Vinters and Andreea Wade of
 Wireless Heritage SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of the Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Simon Rockman of Fuss Free Phones, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.
Details coming soon.07/07/17
 Healthcare SIG ‘Title TBC’ - Cambridge
more.. Championed by Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek, David Walker of Philips Research Laboratories and Paul Winter of TTP Group.
Details coming soon.12/09/17
 Security SIG ‘Title TBC’ - Cambridge
more.. Championed by Max Heinemeyer of Darktrace, Jason Kirk of Atkins, Nick Koiza of Plextek, Derek Long of Cambridge Consultants, Tim Phipps of Solarflare and Paul Tindall of Sepura.
Details coming soon.26/09/17
 Connected Devices SIG ‘Title TBC’ - London
more.. Championed by Paul Green of Iotic Labs, Nick Hunn of WiFore Consulting, Antony Rix of 8power and Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants.
Details coming soon.28/09/17
 User Experience ‘Title TBC’ - Cambridge
more.. Championed by Marine Barbaroux of Cambridge Consultants, Allan MacLean of Amdeo, Geoff McCormick of MC Squared and Leo Poll of Akendi UK.
Details coming soon.10/10/17