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Money Mover

Money Mover
 Healthcare Co. Case Study
more.. A professional advisory company of research and industry professionals.
Should small businesses lock into fixed exchange rates to protect against the wavering pound?
more.. With Brexit negotiations beginning and the pound wavering, small businesses may be wondering whether to lock in their costs to provide some certainty - at least for the immediate future.
 Leading the world in financial innovation
more.. Money Mover, a Cambridge based FinTech firm on the rise, is excited to be included in the line-up of companies to be showcased at the International Fintech conference.
 Money Mover Country Report - United Arab Emirates
more.. The UAE is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and had a GDP of $570 billion in 2014.
 SMEs urged to consider reducing uncertainty as Brexit approaches
more.. Cambridge FinTech firm, Money Mover’s overseas payments service gives small and medium sized businesses the chance to secure their upcoming foreign currency costs for up to six months as Article 50 looms.
 China Country Report
more.. Ancient Chinese inventions, philosophies and discoveries have shaped the world as we know it: the abacus, the compass, gun powder, silk, paper, porcelain, alcohol, paper money, Confucius… the influence of Chinese culture on modern society is incalculable.
 Money Mover Country Report - Italy
more.. Since the official unification of Italy in 1861, the country has experienced a tumultuous period that saw a mass exodus of her people and the disastrous consequences of two World Wars. Yet over the past 60 years the country has reclaimed its status as a major social and cultural player in world affairs.
 Money Mover Country Report - France
more.. In ancient times France was part of the Celtic territory of Gaul, becoming an independent country in the 9th Century. Since the 1600s, the country has played a major role in European and world events.
 From black and white to technicolour: A journey from the world of corporate banking to a FinTech start-up
more.. After leaving the bank, I took the plunge to join Money Mover – a much newer and more dynamic business. It’s fair to say that Money Mover has an entirely different culture and ways of doing things.
 The effect of Brexit on international payments and transfers - managing currency risk
more.. While 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU, that does not mean that Britain has closed its doors to the rest of the world. SMEs - a major driver of the UK economy - will continue to import and export despite currency fluctuations