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Money Mover

Money Mover
 Money Mover Nudges SMEs To Build An FX Strategy
more.. Political instability is signaling a sea change the world over and forcing companies to reevaluate their positions in the global market. Part of that examination should involve taking a look at FX hedging strategy, says Money Mover, a cross-border B2B payments company.
 Money Mover raises further £500K in investment funding to expand its partner programme
more.. Investors see big opportunity for innovative overseas payment service to provide valuable partnership to accountancy and consultancy firms serving SMEs
 Come and meet us at Accountex
more.. Come and meet us at Accountex- The UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to the Accountancy Profession
 Money Mover Country Report - Canada
more.. Canada is quite simply, breathtaking. From the Rocky Mountains in BC to the freshwater fjords in Newfoundland, the second largest country in the world is 9.984 million square kilometers of Instagram posts.
 Healthcare Co. Case Study
more.. A professional advisory company of research and industry professionals.
Should small businesses lock into fixed exchange rates to protect against the wavering pound?
more.. With Brexit negotiations beginning and the pound wavering, small businesses may be wondering whether to lock in their costs to provide some certainty - at least for the immediate future.
 Leading the world in financial innovation
more.. Money Mover, a Cambridge based FinTech firm on the rise, is excited to be included in the line-up of companies to be showcased at the International Fintech conference.
 Money Mover Country Report - United Arab Emirates
more.. The UAE is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and had a GDP of $570 billion in 2014.
 SMEs urged to consider reducing uncertainty as Brexit approaches
more.. Cambridge FinTech firm, Money Mover’s overseas payments service gives small and medium sized businesses the chance to secure their upcoming foreign currency costs for up to six months as Article 50 looms.
 China Country Report
more.. Ancient Chinese inventions, philosophies and discoveries have shaped the world as we know it: the abacus, the compass, gun powder, silk, paper, porcelain, alcohol, paper money, Confucius… the influence of Chinese culture on modern society is incalculable.