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AMIHO Technology

AMIHO Technology
AMIHO launches TRIoT™: 3-in-1 connectivity for WM-Bus, LoRa® and LoRaWAN™
more.. AMIHO Technology, experts in wireless long range, low-power connectivity are launching a remarkable TRIoT™ software stack which makes multi-standard communication possible: WM-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN. Ideal technology for the IoT and Smart Metering.
AMIHO Technology launches LoRaWAN 868 MHz module at EUW for the IoT, Smart City, Building Automation and Smart Meter markets
more.. AMIHO Technology will launch its new LoRaWAN 868 MHz module for the IoT, Smart City, Building Automation and Smart Meter markets, at European Utility Week in Barcelona on 15-17 November. The module enables devices to be connected to LoRaWAN networks.
AMIHO announces New Bridging Function between LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus
more.. AMIHO has developed an innovative demonstration bridging application for its LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus modules, allowing messages to be received in Wireless Meter-Bus and transmitted in LoRa from one module.
AMIHO Technology launches combined LoRa and Wireless M-Bus module at 868 MHz for the IoT, Smart Meter and Smart City markets
more.. Connecting Every Thing for an Everything-Connected World.
Get ahead in the IoT and Smart Metering with AMIHO’s AM094 production-ready compact radio modules, including fully-featured protocol stacks. The AM094 combines LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus capability at 868 MHz for long range connectivity for hard to reach devices.