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Cambridge Wireless

Cambridge Wireless

‘Connect or Die’ - Connected Devices SIG in association with The IET

Start date/time :  12:00 1st November 2012
End date/time :  16:45 1st November 2012
Venue :  IET, Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL

With analysts predicting 50 billion connected devices by 2015 this timely half-day event discusses how to achieve a strategy whereby diverse pieces of equipment are connected across sometimes a wide geographical sphere. Practical advice coupled with clear options and presentations from those providing some of the core technology (together with its customers) will all be available on the day. Those who are thriving in these turbulent times are willing to shed old practices and take advantage of these advancements in connectivity shattering boundaries and gaining the competitive edge. Quite simply this decade competitive businesses will either connect, or die. This event is delivered in association with The IET. Speakers include: Mike Short, President of The IET and Vice President of Public Affairs at Telefónica Europe, Justin Bellinger, Business Development Director at Sure, Cable & Wireless International, Dominic Varley from Everything Everywhere, Les Beverley of Tew Plus, Iain Davidson of Freescale Semiconductor UK, Leo Poll from Arkessa, Graham Fisher of Cambridge Wireless and Alan Jones, Gazprom Global Energy Solutions Ltd.

All kinds of organisations are recognising that functioning effectively in the connected world is essential if they are to survive.  The need to connect everything up is understood, but how do you achieve that and make sense of it?  What are the strategies for connecting diverse pieces of equipment distributed across a wide geography and how might it work practically? 

This event explores some of the many options available, with presentations from those providing some of the core technology and those who are making use of it.  Infrastructure on a global scale will be placed alongside operations for railways, security and energy.
We have invited suppliers and users to debate strategies for how machines should communicate in the internet of things, setting the scene for organisations that will thrive.
Analysts predict 50 billion connected devices by 2015. We are seeing an explosion in the deployment of smart devices and smart sensors. Thriving businesses are using these technologies to innovate, optimise and deliver new products and services.
Already connectivity has enabled anti-theft transport infrastructure; remote outpatient monitoring; dynamic energy-usage within stores and customer-generated electricity within nightclubs. These few examples demonstrate how business has evolved to make connectivity a competitive edge.
However, this is just the beginning. We are continuing to see companies shed inefficient practices to adopt smart solutions. These businesses are using smart technologies to shatter the boundaries of what is possible.
This decade competitive businesses will either connect, or die.
Connect or Die messages for attendees
What are the risks of an outdated connectivity strategy?
What are interesting and practical examples of how a business can adapt its strategy to use connectivity?
Where is the implementation of smart technologies heading. Will it solve traditional business problems?
How well does the technology work now?
How are these technologies shaping our lives socially?
How will these technology work in the future (what is the cutting edge)?

Presentations will be heard from:

With short presentations from:

This SIG is championed by Antony Rix of TTP Group, Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants, Nick Hunn of Onzo and Paul Green of Arkessa. This event is delivered in association with The IET, with lunch kindly sponsored by Cable & Wireless Communications

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This event is delivered in association with The IET   Lunch is kindly sponsored by Cable & Wireless Communications

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