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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Security SIG event - 'How the crime business grew out of recession'

Start date/time :  12:30 6th April 2017
End date/time :  17:30 6th April 2017
Venue :  Jesus College, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BL

National statistics show a fall in surveyed crime to a third of the peak value over 20 years. Under this recessionary pressure criminal businesses have reacted with a strategy of consolidation and innovation. Leveraging early stage investments from international governments, cyber-attack has returned the crime industry to growth. Regulators, police and commercial companies have yet to mount an effective defence to this disruptive approach. In a half-day conference we will show clear opportunities for new business and good governance that emerge from a strategic understanding of crime as a service.


As the arms race between the IT industry and the criminal world escalates, criminals are using new technologies to exploit new vulnerabilities. As the IoT develops and more and more ‘things’ are connected to the internet, we will see more attacks in which physical devices are taken over and misused for criminal activities. We can expect sophisticated and, dare we say, innovative criminals to make increasing use of AI and cloud computing resources to automate, anonymise and increase the scale of cybercrime.

Organisational pressures are mounting to reexamine internal assumptions made about the Internet, highlighting a need for regular reassessment of cyberspace threats, including the insider threat of deliberate or inadvertent actions within businesses. We’re seeing a priority placed on the enforcement of measures for extending enterprise risk management to include organizational risk and cyber resilience.

From the technology viewpoint, the use of disruptive technology to fight cyber-crime innovation has shown rapid advancements in the past 18 months (Ransomware, IoT DDoS attacks, wider dissemination of Cryptocurrencies). Innovative technologies help businesses to get ahead of the arms race and disarm criminals. Security automation and the advent of narrow AI in cybersecurity shifts the odds in favour of the defenders. DARPA’s grand cyber-challenge has proven that applying maturing technologies such as machine learning to fields like vulnerability fuzzing & patching will bring significant changes on how cybersecurity is practised.

Speakers confirmed include:

  • Dave Palmer, Director of Technology, Darktrace
  • Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO, Bromium
  • DS Timothy Court at the Metropolitan Police, Cyber Crime Unit
  • Nick Kingsbury, Kingsbury Ventures Limited
  • Jane Cannon MBE, Home Office

This half day event seeks to discuss current trends in cybercrime and shed light on a much-needed business and technology-driven response. Speakers will highlight how advanced technologies can be applied by today’s cybersecurity community to make enterprises a difficult target for cyber-criminals. Finally, what role do the regulators play in the criminal marketplace? How big is the problem? How much are companies investing in barriers to cybercrime? What is the state of play in the growth of new innovative cyber businesses in the UK? Join us as we attempt to answer these queries and many, more.

The Security SIG is championed by Paul Tindall of Sepura, Derek Long of Cambridge Consultants, Jason Kirk of Atkins, Max Heinemeyer of Darktrace, Nick Koiza of Plextek and Tim Phipps of Solarflare.

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