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Forthcoming Cambridge Wireless Events

03/10/17  CW Technology & Engineering Conference 'Artificial Intelligence: Underlying technologies – how they work and how they are applied' - Cambridge
more.. We will be focusing on the technologies underlying the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence. As seemingly limitless applications are increasingly discussed in the press we will look past this hype.
The 3rd CW TEC is aimed at technology leaders in industry, as well as young engineers and data scientists, to give them an overview of the subject and to critically examine the associated challenges. Speakers will include leaders in AI research and development from universities and industry.
10/10/17  The Telegraph Britain's Smart Cities
more.. Taking place on October 10, 2017, The Telegraph Britain's Smart Cities will bring together over 200 senior thought leaders and decision makers as speakers and delegates, providing a unique opportunity to network with major city leaders and business figures from across the UK and internationally.
23/10/17  Discovering Start-ups Competition 2017 - London
more.. Are you a start-up, early stage company or entrepreneur working in the field of technology?
Want to get noticed and pitch your idea to an elite panel of industry leaders and potential investors?

Enter the 8th Discovering Start-Ups competition NOW.
03/11/17  Wireless Heritage SIG - London
more.. Championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of the Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Simon Rockman of Fuss Free Phones, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.
Details coming soon.
09/11/17  Virtual Networks SIG - 'The Time is Ripe for Innovations' - Cambridge
more.. SDN and NFV are proliferating as key technologies for 5G with standards maturing and test deployments increasing. Is this the time to expose some of the innovations we can expect to be enabled by all this technology?
14/11/17  Automotive & Transport SIG event - 'Logistics and the last – but arguably most important - mile' - London
more.. The competition is on for retailers to offer the widest variety of goods and foods delivered in the shortest amount of time. Indeed, now you can just tell your chatbot what you want and it could turn up within an hour!
16/11/17  Mobile Broadband SIG event - '5G in Industry - use cases for improved productivity' - London
more.. As the increase of robots and use of 5G wireless increases how does this affect industry? Are there opportunities to improve productivity within vertical sectors that typically have high latency issues?
23/11/17  Software/Open Source SIG - Cambridge
more.. Championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, David Berry of PTC, Phillip Burr of ARM and David Roberts of Jabooh Software Solutions.
Details coming soon.
05/12/17  Connected Devices SIG - Cambridge
more.. Championed by Paul Green of Iotic Labs, Nick Hunn of WiFore Consulting, Antony Rix of 8power and Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants.
Details coming soon.
07/12/17  Small Cell SIG - London
more.. Championed by David Chambers of ThinkSmallCell, Simon Fletcher of Real Wireless, Neil Piercy of ip.access and Simon Saunders of Google.
Details coming soon.
12/12/17  Location SIG - Cambridge
more.. Championed by David Bartlett of u-blox, Bob Cockshott of The KTN and Ben Tarlow of Qualcomm Technologies International.
Details coming soon.
14/12/17  Radio Technology SIG - 'New developments in multiple access schemes' - Cambridge
more.. Multiple access schemes are essential for any communication method that shares common channels. Early telephone systems relied on human operators to switch calls to trunk lines. Modern digital systems rely on a wide range of techniques that control access in wired and wireless systems, including LANs and four generations of public mobile radio systems.
The quest for ever greater efficiency in spectrum use, increased capacity and reduction in latency is driving the investigation of novel non-orthogonal systems for 5G, such as PD-NOMA, SCMA, PDMA, LPMA, and MUSA.

Speakers will review the background of multiple access schemes and explain the potential advantages of new developments.
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