Session A5 - FinTech
Day 1 (16:15 - 17:15)

As an early adopter of new technology, the banking and finance services sector recognises the power of ubiquitous mobile to reach new customers and markets. Well documented examples such as mPESA for money transfers and BIMA for insurance and micro-financing have already changed lives and businesses in emerging markets. But where is the next wave of disruption going to emerge to deliver wireless platforms that combine context, proximity and trusted connectivity and what new opportunities do they present?


Hugh Halford-Thompson, BTL Group LTD
Blockchains to establish trust in interactions
As the blockchain discussion moves from mere potential to pragmatic reality, what is clear is that not all blockchain platforms are created equal. In this session, Hugh will explore how blockchains can be everything from simple and straightforward blockchains to complex inter-operable networks that are robust enough to power financial services and government operations, all running in a scalable, secure cloud environment. 

Session Sponsor

Ray Anderson, Bango
Floating on chaos
The web disrupted governments, smashed entertainment and news together, and turned many businesses on their heads. The backlash against the practices of central banks and other financial actors who brought the world to its knees in the last crisis, together with the cross-border power of internet goliaths like Google and Facebook, the sharing model driven by AirBnB and Uber, technologies like Blockchain and the ubiquitous mobile internet, are now putting strain on the traditional and expensive banking models.
This talk looks at the recent patterns of technological innovation and raises discussion about the future of value transfer, with a focus on how people are starting to use mobile devices outside the conventional banking environment. Will we see a revolution in how we move value peer to peer with users able to surf the chaotic sea of technology? Or, will it sink out of sight and be restricted to criminals while governments and banks keep control.

Session Chair

Eileen Burbidge, Passion Capital

Magdalena Krön, Barclays
Rise to the challenge
What is best practice for working with Open Innovation for both corporates and startups?