The Future of Wireless International Conference Awards 2016

FWIC always has a rich number of companies and presenters and new ideas, and is the culmination of a huge amount of work from a large number of people.

A key feature of FWIC is that the content is curated by volunteers drawn from the membership. This year the FWIC organising committee wanted to show their appreciation of the quality of the companies participating in the form of two FWIC awards.

Most transformative idea
David Hill, Open Energi
"An orthogonal approach to dealing with energy peaks by distributing intelligence between the grid and major users which is both pragmatic and effective."

Idea Most Likely to Benefit Society
Shamus Husheer, Heartfelt Technologies
"Applying simple, proven technology to prevent heart attacks. A great example of understanding how to address a costly problem in an effective way"
"A warts and all analysis of the business models in healthcare that led to a novel approach to cardiac care. This should be required reading for anyone entering the digital health market."

Innovation Showcase Awards

The Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Intel has been space to see, touch and feel innovation at work. It is an interactive exhibition filled with start-ups and partners demonstrating the value of prototyping, collaboration & data. Some of the teams have been working together over the past 6 weeks to improve their proposition through collaboration and by accessing new data sources. We have had several groups working together on issues such as animal wellbeing, distributed cloud computing and managing mental health. This year Innovation Showcase committee wanted to highlight the work done by the start-up companies in the form of three Innovation Showcase awards:

Best Collaboration
Thales Stress Free Journeys and Ogenblik
"Great vision of a transformative change to how we look at stress, mental health and our engagement with the world."

Best Progress Made
"Over a mere six weeks, business model technology mindset and approach have all evolved with a willingness and openess to collaborate and innovate."

Best commercial potential
Mobicycle Ltd.
"For a variety of reasons, not least the wide difference in technology readiness the judges have limited this to what has happened within the innovation showcase 6 weeks, focusing on Roslyn having moved her proposition forward thanks to sterling work from u-blox and a real vision of what she and they are looking to achieve."

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