Start-Up Zone

The following companies exhibited in the Start-Up Zone:

Acticheck is an award-winning start-up who have developed a new monitoring & personal alert system, the Assure. The stylish wristband boasts an extraordinary 1 year battery life (no recharging), is waterproof, has SOS buttons, is listening for signs of a fall and has our unique wellness checks. With an easy-to-use online dashboard it’s easy to check on loved ones or manage their settings. Wearers and their family and friends can be confident that, if something adverse happens, help will be at hand. Connecting people to their natural network Acticheck is making the ‘Internet of People.

Altitude Tech’s product Sensly is an indoor air quality sensor that uses on-board gas sensors to detect harmful compounds. A smart device and open developer platform enables impressive collaboration and co-creation of solutions and services.

amBX is market enabling, leading technology for the smart control of internet connected lighting devices. We own, develop and deliver our unique Smart Core intelligent lighting control technology to partners, clients and licensees worldwide. We work in hospitality, retail, offices, advertising, architectural and residential lighting. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to harness the new possibilities of digital lighting. amBX unlocks the potential of digital light with new ways to create amazing effects. We are also world leaders in enabling the benefits of Human-centric lighting. All done with a unique “no programming” approach./p>

AMIHO Technology based in Cambridge, UK, experts in wireless communications, delivers innovative software stacks and hardware products that enable wireless connectivity and control for the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Metering, Smart Cities, Building and Home Automation markets. We deliver a range of production-ready LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus radio modules and evaluation kits, with fully-featured software stacks included, to get customers smart and connected quickly and efficiently. AMIHO also provides professional design services to enable users to integrate or customise the company’s products and technology thereby speeding time to market.

Asset Mapping is an open, non-proprietary platform that enables visualisation of the location and health of critical assets in real time across a building or estate. Our agnostic approach gathers data about systems from separate software packages, spreadsheets, drawings and CAD files, pulling it into a single database which creates a unique source of knowledge about the built environment. This intelligence is then combined with granular, real-time information from the systems used to operate and monitor infrastructure and then all data is held in one central meta database. For the first time Asset Mapping can provide accurate and up to date asset management on one platform with the power of meta data analytics. Asset Mapping was created in 2012 based on a pilot design tested during the construction of the London Olympic Park. A professional understanding of Building Management, combined with recognized experts in IoT and industrial automation, has led to both satisfied customers and a string of technology awards including CityVerve and Project aSSURE. Asset Mapping has close partnerships with Cisco, Intel and SAP for product development that has led to advanced features like fully encrypted data. We also act as Smart Cities´ leaders in the development of HyperCAT, a key open source protocol developed specifically for IoT systems. is a hyperlocal platform that helps physical retailers make more effective advertising decisions. Data is collected on shoppers, pushed to retailers as analytics, who use this information to post more relevant advertising messages. From head office or store level, messages can be posted on to digital screens (POS, posters, apps) in real time with total flexibility of number of screens, duration and time of campaign. Through the AI capabilities of the platform, messages can also be automated, dependent on past activity and current factors, on a store by store level. Welcome to the new world of hyperlocal digital advertising.

BSC Associates specialises in the design of antennas and the optimisation of RF performance of wireless-connected devices for professional, consumer and IoT applications. Solutions include the use or adaptation of selected commercial antennas, as well as the design and integration of novel antenna configurations to suit unusual product requirements. Projects, for clients world-wide, have ranged from the design of LF and MF antennas to covert dual-band WiFi antennas.
Other activities include the provision of expert witness services and the on-site training of engineers on antennas and the RF aspects of product design.

Converge builds wireless, low-power connected sensor networks. The Converge node connects existing sensors in the heavy industries to an 868MHz power efficient sleepy mesh network. The data produced by the sensors then gets sent to the converge platform, which ingests and analyses them in real-time. Applications include automating the monitoring process on construction sites and detecting anomalies on machinery in manufacturing plants for preventative maintenance; both have potential to save companies millions of pounds a year. We have been working with one of the largest construction companies in Europe on connecting sensors on their sites to optimise the construction process.

Security analysts are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cyber-attacks and there is a shortage of people with this skillset. Cyberlytic's software product uses machine learning and adaptive rules to provide real-time risk assessment of cyber-attacks. Our software triages alerts and enables security teams to respond immediately to the most dangerous attacks. The Cyber Threat Profiler connects to existing security detection systems and accurately determines the relative risk of each cyber-attack. The Cyber Threat Profiler reduces cyber-attack response times from days to minutes.

EnergyDeck is the 'Google Analytics for Buildings'. Our Software as a Service platform works across a wide range of asset types and building performance metrics. EnergyDeck imports all relevant building and resource consumption data directly from meters and IoT enabled sensors, analyses it and automatically identifies optimisation opportunities for our users such as major landlords, service providers and tenants. We are currently working on developing a Health & Wellbeing module to correlate indoor building conditions (eg air quality, noise level etc) with the employees’ wellbeing and performance.

With 6000+ rare diseases already identified, it is estimated that 1 in 17 people will be affected. Genetic testing can help, but it currently takes on average six years for patients to be diagnosed. GeneAdviser is a flexible, powerful online marketplace for genetic tests. Patients and their doctors will have better access to genetic testing from first-rate laboratories across Europe and worldwide. International cooperation in rare disease treatment and research is already common. Our aim is to unify the genetic testing market in Europe, optimising the process for lower costs and easier access to testing across country borders.

GiveVision is a sophisticated software suite that powers smart glasses to be used as eyes for blind people. Developed by an experienced team of software engineers, two completely blind, it is designed to increase the independence and mobility of blind and visually impaired by converting visual information to audio cues. Our technology is a hands-free solution that enables smart glasses (equipped with a camera) to recognise objects, text, products, signs, people, places and talk to the wearer through a bone-conducting headphone.

Herdsy is a Cambridge based Herd Analytics start-up. Agri Tech is being held back by 3 big problems namely, Flexibility, Functionality & Cost and Herdsy, solves all three. Firstly, Herdsy is a world first being the only tag that can be used on any animal. Secondly, Herdsy offers the same functionality as more expensive systems at a fraction of the price. Lastly, Herdsy can even relay information without a cellular network or Wi-Fi due to its proprietary technology. By solving the 3 single biggest issues preventing widespread adoption of Agritech globally. Herdsy believes it can help make Farming for Everyone.

Hoxton Analyticsis a technology startup that has invented a new in-store analytics solution. In a world where each new in-store analytics product is more invasive and complicated, this is simple, accurate and has no privacy issues. Through machine learning and AI, our discrete sensor is able to identify and profile shoes as customers walk past, providing retailers with accurate footfall information (to calculate conversion metrics) and information on the demographics of those that use the store (such as gender). This allows retailers to make better decisions on opening hours, staff management, displays, stocking and marketing, driving revenue.

Inclusive Media Solutions’ Q-View enables people with cognitive disabilities to scan any item around the home with a smart device and it plays a video of how to use it, providing greater user independence whilst reducing the financial burden of health and social care providers.

Logikk is a specialist recruitment business with a niche focus on Data and Analytics. The core to our delivery capability is built around the strength of our Associate Network. Our Associate network is aligned to industry drivers and challenges, it is an extension of our brand and the clients we represent. Our associate network consists of individuals and teams who have proven experience in the following areas: Data Science; Advanced Analytics; Data Engineering; Data Architecture; Data Visualisation; IoT; Platforms and Wireless Environments; Business Intelligence. We are passionate about delivering service over sales, and provide our clients with bespoke solutions across Contract, Interim, Permanent and Executive Search.

Money Mover is a global payments and currency exchange platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its transparent and intuitive web interface immediately cuts the cost of making overseas payments by up to 90% and provides SME-specific functionality. There is no commitment and no membership fee.

Mvbii Ventures’ wearable device Zing, is a watch and activity tracker that can be worn on your wrist, as a necklace or as a pebble in your pocket. It comes with a free app where you can set METs, calorie targets and view the results each day. Additional features include selfies without a stick, music control without touching your phone and secure and fun messaging with just a blow on the watch.

InterliNQ is a Secure IOT Sensor Suite, developed by NquiringMinds, deployed for both domestic and commercial properties. It comprises: energy monitors, CO2 sensors, temperature and humidity, boilers and PIR sensors. It allows data and insights to be shared between multiple services at the householder’s discretion. These services can be as diverse as Telecare, Maintenance and Energy Management.

Pie Mapping Pie is an on-demand solution for logistics and transportation companies to manage their vehicles and power their operations. We are changing the way small "One man bands", and large enterprise businesses manage their vehicles, operations and drivers by increasing visibility on work sites, and facilitating fleet management. Through seamlessly providing an on-demand experience for connecting drivers with collections from customers, we make it easy for you to manage your fleet and work with third-party providers and contractors to complete an order. PIE is the winner of Last Mile Labs, runner up on Cognicity Transport Challenge, and Selected Technation200 company for 2015, and a Leap100 Company.

Prospective is developing cloud-based planning software that will transform the way cities are governed and developed. Using intelligent data fusion, state of the art predictive modelling and simulation and real-time data exchange, our technology helps city officials, transport authorities, developers, architects and planners to make better informed, more collaborative decisions about the future of their city. Our technology reduces the time and financial cost of undertaking planning evaluation and coordination and helps produce better outcomes on individual development opportunities, in strategic planning and day to day operations.

RFMOD is leveraging its expertise in RF and hardware design to bring something completely new to the IoT and ‘Wearable’ space. BeanIoT(TM) has been designed to meet the widely reported IoT challenges head-on. Security, battery-life, usability (UX), Quality of consent and consumer data protection. BeanIoT(TM) industrial design is alluring while being practical. With the ability to tailor it’s sensor output BeanIoT(TM) is proving to cross-market and cross-sector appeal from Smart Home, Agri-Tech, Fitness and Well-Being and Industry.

Rize is a digital platform that integrates therapeutic concepts into interactive tutorials and exercises. The Rize app can be used by anyone to help them to understand, track and improve their mental wellbeing and reduce stress. We provide bespoke services for a range of organisations, including, counselling services and charities.

S-Tech is an Independent, Chartered insurance broker, based in the heart of Cambridge and has a history of providing advice to Businesses operating within the Technology Sector. Our team of more than seventy industry professionals all work together to provide customers with the highest standard of insurance broking and risk management. As a Founder Member of Cambridge Wireless, we provide a local and personal service to the membership. We are proud of our exceptional customer service and whatever the customer wants, S-Tech will deliver.

Savortex Limited (SL) a UK based multi-award winning British IoT (Internet of Things) Company. SL has developed the most advanced environmental and “smart” hand drying technology, and partnered with Intel to launch the worlds first IoT enabled Advertising dryer, which displays one-to-one, high definition video adverts to a captive and provable professional audience, creating revenue share on on-site. The Savortex AdDryer use 1/3rd of the energy compared to traditional dryers, are connected to internet for real-time usage analytics, taking washroom management into the connected buildings environment, and now set to transform the corporate washrooms into sustainable and connected revenue producing assets.

Smart Antenna Technologies Ltd (SAT) was founded in 2013 as a spinout from the University of Birmingham. SAT has designed, developed and patented a pioneering smart antenna technology which provides an efficient and cost effective antenna solution for the mobile device and infrastructure market. Target markets include smartphone, tablet, laptop but the technology can also be applied to expanding markets including SmartTV, Connected Car, Small Cell and IoT/M2M. For example, one of the key SAT products is a highly compact antenna system to replace all existing antennas (DVB-H, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, 3G Multi-bands and 4G LTE).

Smartbell is a fully integrated animal welfare tracking platform for the dairy farming industry, increasing revenues by lowering veterinary fees and improving yields. The technology is based around wearable devices for livestock, actionable insights and predictive analytics for resource planning. We live in a technology era with expanding urban areas and shrinking farmland. Agriculture is not seen as an attractive industry. How are we going to feed the growing population and meet its increasing demands for food? The key is in leveraging technology to improve profitability by reducing costs and increasing yield. Smartbell provides a platform to solve this problem.

Speechmatics provides the most advanced and accurate Speech Recognition technology, based on the latest research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our implementation of deep-learning Recurrant Neural Network techniques deliver ground-breaking performance, providing enterprises and content distributors the ability to surface the data inherent within their voice content. A Cambridge based start-up, Speechmatics lead the field in language understanding, and through our Auto-Auto framework can train new and variant languages for our engine in super-fast time. We are hiring..

Undo’s products are used by thousands of developers to solve complex, real-world problems for leading technology companies from embedded to enterprise and HPC to banking. Its unique record, rewind and replay technology enables Linux and Android developers to see exactly what their program did at every step in its execution, and its reversible debugging and offline analysis capabilities allow developers to fix problems quickly and easily. Know what your software really did to respond quickly to failures in production and test environments, increase developer debugging productivity by at least 50%, improve software quality and deliver software projects on time. Undo Software is a privately held company based in Cambridge, UK. Its technology won the 'Best Software Product' award in the 2015 ARM Innovation Challenge and was chosen by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor in Application Development’. Follow us on Twitter @undosoft

VividaWeb: a software startup, incorporated by former ICT/Internet executives to create OverBrowser®, a next generation solution providing new services and communication spaces on any screen on any connected device. Telcos, Wi-Fi providers, enterprises, retailers and auto manufacturers can now deliver new location based, branded services which enhance the visual interaction for users; driving increased engagement, loyalty and monetization. OverBrowser® is a truly innovative solution, with patents requests in Italy, EU and the USA; it is already available and proven in Italy by Telecom Italia; a clientless, cloud-based version supporting every environment and also a client solution for Android devices.