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Automotive Microcontroller Development Engineers - R-10001874-1

There has never been a more exciting time in the world of Automotive technology. Connected cars, self-driving cars, cyber-secure cars, electric cars – they all need some very smart microcontrollers at their heart. And that’s where you come in! NXP has 45,000 employees in more than 35 countries and are number 1 supplier of semiconductors in the Automotive market and are growing their new product development team in Glasgow - we have vacancies for systems engineers, software architects and applications engineers.

The role of the development team is to define new microcontroller and microprocessor solutions and then work with our Tier 1 & OEM customers to demonstrate the solution, pre-silicon, and work with our internal design teams to define & implement the next generation products.

We are recruiting for 2 product lines:

Vehicle Dynamics & safety - traditionally braking, chassis control and electric motor control, all areas that will grow and develop as we move towards hybridisation, more electric propulsion and eventually self-driving cars.  

Connectivity & Security - these products control the vehicle network providing the gateway between classic Automotive buses (e.g. CAN, FlexRay), Automotive Ethernet & the outside world. Their key role is to efficiently transfer data between networks, securely & safely, within the vehicle and establish secure connectivity to the cloud, enabling connected applications.

And we are recruiting for 3 distinct roles - systems engineers, software architects and applications engineers. The successful candidates would be involved in many of the following activities, depending upon the specific role:

  • Contributing to new product definition, from concept to full SoC specification, to address a new emerging application
  • Working with other systems engineers and design groups to establish the correct features in each sub-system and overall SoC to achieve the overall product goal
  • Defining a software strategy & requirements for next generation embedded MCU/MPU products
  • Generating detailed software requirements that can be used by the software implementation team
  • Performing simulation and benchmarking of existing MCU/MPUs and virtual prototypes – to guide the specification of future products
  • Working with 3rd parties, as part of building a complete ecosystem for our customers.
  • Developing pre-silicon platforms to allow customers to start developing their solutions from existing silicon and/or FPGA
  • Building proof-of-concept demos to show off the features and benefits of our products
  • Customer support, to help them use our products to achieve their system level goals
  • Requirements engineering to be fully process compliant, currently using the DOORs tool

To ensure your successful performance in these roles, we are looking for experience in some of the following areas, note that automotive experience is not essential:

  • Understanding of microcontroller/microprocessor architecture, especially ARM
  • Experience of real time embedded control applications
  • Experience of functional safety & security – and how that can be implemented on an SoC for an embedded system
  • Understanding of the software & hardware trade-offs in an embedded system.
  • Experience of defining the software architecture & generating detailed software requirements from high level features for microcontroller/microprocessor architectures
  • Understanding of SOC architecture for IP networking applications, including data path accelerators and network protocol security
  • Software architecture understanding – including RTOS and Linux
  • Simulation or benchmarking experience
  • Working experience in a requirements driven process. Preferably experience of the DOORs tool.
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills (English language)
  • Experience of working in a global team environment
  • Experience of dealing directly with customers
  • Naturally structured and diligent, self-motivated
Apply on line at Job number R-10001874-1

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