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Amazon Cambridge Development Center

Amazon Cambridge Development Center

Data Engineer - 495717

We’re looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join our rapidly expanding group in Cambridge, England.

The ideal candidate is clearly passionate about new opportunities and has a demonstrable track record of success. A commitment to team work, hustle, and strong communication skills (to both business and technical partners) are absolute requirements. Creating reliable, scalable, and high performance products requires exceptional technical expertise, a sound understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science, and practical experience working with large-scale distributed systems. This person has thrived in a hyper-growth environment where priorities shift fast.


You have industry-leading technical abilities and demonstrate a depth of knowledge in the following disciplines:

  • Writing high quality, maintainable, and robust code using technologies such as SQL, Spark, EMR, or Hadoop.
  • You'll develop pragmatic solutions. You build flexible systems without over-engineering and choose simple, straightforward solutions over more complex ones.
  • Understanding a broad range of data models and know how, when and when not to use them.
  • Understanding of how Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence applications work, perform, and scale.
  • You'll recognize and adopt best practices in data warehousing and business intelligence: design, testing, version control, documentation, build, deployment, and operations.


  • Previous experience with IR, Information Retrieval.
  • Working with distributed and highly optimized data stores.
  • Working with a team that takes a proactive approach to repeatable tasks, looking for ways to replace them with self-service tools and/or automation.


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