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u-blox UK

u-blox UK

Senior Innovation Engineer (Electronic/Electrical/Embedded Software Development)

Position: The Senior Innovation Engineer will be responsible for developing new technologies for embedded cellular systems, focussed on defining the roadmap for Security for the Internet of Things. You will be defining requirements and analysing the potential of both internal and external solutions through prototyping and development of end to end solutions.  This will include the use, and further development of, intermediate embedded protocols and applications on a range of modem platforms to explore the impact of different hardware capabilities on appropriate solutions. You will work with product managers to drive the adoption of new features, and as the technical expert with product design teams to support the transition from technology innovation to implementation, covering device side to infrastructure services.

You will take on roles in monitoring industry state of the art, attending related conferences and industry standardisation groups, managing external relationships, and following up and working with new ideas and requirements from across each of the u-blox product centres, to create new software solutions for rapid adoption into the product portfolio.


  • Degree qualified in Electronics, Computer Science or related Communications fields
  • A strong background in security technologies and algorithms with a detailed understanding of security operations at device and server sides, key management protocols and cipher algorithms, embedded implementations, test methodologies and design vulnerabilities
  • A detailed understanding of OS and silicon level security designs including hypervisors, TEE, secure memory management and best security design practices
  • Experience of C, C++ or similar embedded programming languages
  • Enthusiasm for embedded software in constrained devices
  • Knowledge of real-time and Linux operating systems, debugging embedded and/or real-time systems, communication systems (eg internet protocols, wireless, low power)
  • Experience of hardware architectures including ARM proccessors, accelerators, power management, physical interfaces, low level debug streams
  • Project management experience
  • Experience in using software development tools (IDE, compilers, version control)
  • A strong passion for transferring research into marketable results

Advantageous skills:

  • Experience of C#, Java or similar PC programming languages, software for low-power devices
  • Knowledge of device hacking methdologies and robust software design principles
  • Experience of agile software development, knowledge of wireless communications/small-scale hardware design


  • Develop and commercialise products and technologies
  • Initiate approaches and low-cost innovations to maintain technical leadership
  • Build prototypes, products and systems for testing
  • Ensure final product meets needs as defined by project
  • Design testing procedures and coordinate testing to identify problems and solutions
  • Support Product Managers and develop client presentations for new technologies
  • Identify and keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets
  • Generate publication of papers and applications for patents
  • Coordinate and communicate work effort with organisation

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