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Architecture Researcher - Job ID #: 10474

We are looking to add exceptional computer architecture researchers to our teams at ARM in San Jose, CA, and Cambridge, UK.

As the industry's leading supplier of microprocessor technology, ARM provides efficient, low-power technology making electronic innovations come to life.  ARM employees contribute to a rich ecosystem by designing and developing CPUs, graphics processors, complex system IP, supporting software development tools, and physical libraries.  These contributions will enable more than one thousand ARM partners to ship over 10 billion leading-edge ARM-powered processors each year.

What will I be accountable for?

ARM Research plays a central role in identifying gaps in current technologies and in conducting world-leading research to fill those gaps.  You will join a team responsible for defining a long-term architecture roadmap and delivering this through a combination of internal and external research activities. Collaborating closely with product development teams and a large network of external researchers in both industry and academia, you will have the opportunity to shape the industry at the early stages of development. As part of your role you will engage with our academic network to enable and influence innovative research world-wide.

You will join a team whose architecture and systems research activities cover a wide range of disciplines including mobile and laptop personal computing platforms and applications; server, cloud, and HPC computing; emerging memory technologies; interconnects; design and analysis of security protocols; safe and fault tolerant systems; exploiting parallelism with vector, SIMD, throughput, and multicore architecture; machine learning and computer vision; robotics; and data analytics.  If you have an established track record in one or more of these areas and have demonstrated skills of innovative research with the ability to develop original research agendas and execute projects successfully, you could be a great fit to join our team.

Job Requirements

What skills, experience, and qualifications do I need?

  • MS degree or PhD in Computer Science / Computer Engineering is preferred
  • Professional research experience in industry or academia
  • In-depth knowledge of world-wide research activity in computer and software disciplines
  • Regular contributor at professional conferences
  • Experience of funded programs and research consortia
  • Demonstrable experience in developing, executing, and disseminating research projects:
  • Developing research project plans and strategies
  • Communicating and collaborating with stakeholders
  • Managing team members and project resources
  • Strong architecture knowledge and analysis skills including:
  • Architecture and microarchitecture knowledge of CPU, GPU, or systems
  • Microarchitecture / system performance analysis and simulation
  • Workload development and analysis
  • Strong programming skills along with excellent problem-solving and debugging abilities
  • Experience with software workloads, benchmarking, and bottleneck / performance analysis
  • Recognized expertise in one or more of the key research areas of the group:
  • High performance computing applications, runtimes, and libraries (MPI, PGAS, etc.)
  • Server and cloud architecture
  • Network platform architecture
  • Machine learning, computer vision, and neural networks
  • Heterogeneous computing architecture
  • Multi-processing and parallel computing
  • Virtualization and related memory system optimization
  • Coding for SIMD and / or vector optimizations
  • Scale-up / scale-out interconnect
  • Systems software (OS, runtimes, compilers)
  • Power modelling and analysis
  • Code optimization for GPUs
  • Programmable hardware accelerators
  • Graph and data analytics
  • Algorithms for engineering or science workloads
  • Algorithms for emerging robotics and bioinformatics applications
  • Excellent networking, communication and negotiation skills

What are the desired behaviours for this role?

At ARM, we are proud to have a set of behaviors that reflect our unique culture and guide our decisions, defining how we work together to defy ordinary and shape extraordinary. These behaviors are assessed as part of the recruitment process:

  • Delivery of results – You demonstrate a can-do attitude and you drive to overcome obstacles, acting with a sense of urgency because you’re passionate about what you do.
  • Partner / customer focus – Your tendency to put your partners and customers first in all that you do by understanding their needs and striving to achieve win-win solutions.
  • Creativity / innovation – Possessing curiosity and a passion for driving continuous improvement through spotting opportunities and seeking the views of others.
  • Collaboration / communication – Your ability to forge lasting relationships which are built upon mutual trust, open communication and sharing of information and success. 
  • Personal impact / influence – You listen to different perspectives, evaluate, persuade and carefully shape your work to deliver truly impactful results.
  • Team / personal development – You take time to drive your own development, while also encouraging team members and partners to do the same.


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