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Invenia Labs

Invenia Labs

Researcher (ML and Power Systems)

Invenia Labs builds novel machine-learning techniques that are modular, flexible, and easily applied to a wide range of complex decision-making problems. Our current work focuses on reducing pollution by optimising the flow of energy on world's electricity grids.

Role Function: Invenia Labs research team has a broad range of interests, including Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Energy Systems, and Complex Systems. Our Research Scientists with a power systems specialization have a deep knowledge of modern power systems, their operations, control, and economics. They work closely with other Research Scientists and Research Engineers and use their domain specific knowledge and insights to improve our understanding of all aspects of power systems and to improve their efficiency. They are also active in the wider research community by partnering with universities, publishing research papers, and attending conferences.


Collaborate with other research scientists and share domain specific knowledge to guide research and modelling choices. Present research clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing, for internal and external use as appropriate. Keep up to date with publications from Independent System Operators, regulators, and research on power system operations, control, and economics. Collaborate with and maintain external relationships within electricity industry and research labs.

Attend conferences and publish research papers.


MSc/PhD in Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent experience in power system operations, control, and economics. Expertise in one or more of the following areas: optimal power flow, economic dispatch and unit commitment, theory and implementation of large scale power grid simulations and optimisation, and forecasting of load, generation, and renewables. Experience with statistical data modeling, numerical methods, and optimization techniques. Deep understanding of the driving factors of power grid dynamics and their interactions.

Deep knowledge of the operations of power grids, RTOs, ISOs in North America and globally. Expertise in economic decision making, game theory, or agent based modeling of power system economics. Good coding skills and knowledge of scientific computing concepts and methods.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and Cover Letter to to be considered for this role. Please specify 'Researcher' role in the subject line.

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