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05/04/16  CambridgeSoup searches for pitchers with new ideas to make a positive impact.

Inspired by the success of SundaySoup projects across the globe, CambridgeSoup offers a platform for local individuals, businesses or community groups to share and gather support for their new ideas to make a positive impact on people or the planet.


Have you got a great idea you wish to get off the ground in your local community?

The second CambridgeSoup has been confirmed for Tuesday 24 May 6-8pm, and is seeking eight pitchers to share their new ideas at Norfolk Street Enterprise Centre.

Of the eight, four will be selected on the night, and offered a chance to walk away with a small amount of funding to help get their idea off the ground.

The networking event invites members of the local community to take an active role in supporting projects in the city. At £5 a ticket, each guest is provided with a bowl of soup, a piece of bread and a vote. The ticket price is diverted to the prize fund, which can reach up to £250.

The winning pitch will be voted for by the room, and will be invited to come back and share their progress at a future event.

Do you need a little bit of funding and more importantly a platform to share your idea with a group of supporters for future growth and contacts?

Come to CambridgeSoup and pitch your idea to a room of like minded social entrepreneurs, community supporters and business leaders, with a chance to take away the money from the door.

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project, learn more about the event here.

SOUP rules:

• Do you live/work in Cambridge OR will the project benefit those in and around Cambridge?

• You can either be an existing social venture looking to launch a new project OR an individual with a great idea starting a new community project or social venture from scratch?

• Tell us your idea (in the 150 words available)

• What will you use the monies for specifically – what aspect of your project will it be used towards?

• You must be prepared to come back within 6 months and share at a future SOUP event how your project or idea has developed as a result of the monies donated.

Register your pitch here.