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AMIHO Technology

AMIHO Technology

20/03/17  AMIHO launches TRIoT™: 3-in-1 connectivity for WM-Bus, LoRa® and LoRaWAN™

AMIHO Technology, experts in wireless long range, low-power connectivity are launching a remarkable TRIoT™ software stack which makes multi-standard communication possible: WM-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN. Ideal technology for the IoT and Smart Metering.

AMIHO technology, experts in wireless long range, low power connectivity, launched a remarkable TRIoT™ software stack and showcased it at the NXP booth at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany 14-16 March. Cambridge-based AMIHO have completed more than a quarter of a million installations in Smart Metering and other IoT applications, they are also a LoRa Alliance™ and OMS® Group member and a tech partner of NXP, Rohm Lapis and Renesas.

One of its kind TRIoT™ stack includes LoRa® point-to-point, Wireless Meter Bus and LoRaWAN™ protocols all in one software stack. Developed by AMIHO, TRIoT is unique on the market due to its innovative feature of bridging between these 3 radio modes. Moreover, all three layers are run on one single device AMIHO's AM094-LW low power, high-performance modem featuring NXP’s Kinetis® family of MCUs and Semtech’s LoRa® radio. With this combination of hardware and software WM-Bus range can be increased up to 15 km with the following bridging options available: WM-Bus to LoRa and WM-Bus (S, T, C & R modes) to LoRaWAN™ (class A devices). The technology can also act as a repeater for the same protocols.

WM-Bus is a European standard for remote reading of different types of meters. LoRa achieves the range of 15km and LoRaWAN adds a network layer, the ability to connect to a public network (where available) and more security to bidirectional communications.

TRIoT is especially valuable in the Smart Metering and Sub Metering industries, as compact AM094-LW modems can be easily integrated in meters to give mullti-standard communications and also bridge from existing WM-bus meters, extending their range using LoRa or LoRaWAN. TRIoT will also be ideal for IoT, Monitoring Systems, Smart Cities and similar industries requiring range-extension or bridging between radio modes.

AMIHO’s latest technology considerably reduces the complexity of projects as a lower number of devices will be implemented, tested and connected to networks. This also reduces the infrastructure cost and increases reliability (incl. encryption and decryption AES128, AES256). In addition, the initial proof of concept on projects can be completed quickly, as you can simultaneously switch between modes in order to find the most suitable protocols. AMIHO’s PC Tool application helps users to configure the modem to send and/or receive 868 MHz signals in different radio modes.

Worldwide roll out of IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Metering applications based on LoRa and the LoRaWAN protocol are accelerating as more companies realise the full potential of these technologies. Bandwidth capacity, connectivity and deployment characteristics bring Low Power Wide Area communications into direct competition with cellular and WiFi. Their range enables the installation of a reduced number of base stations/gateways for collecting and backhauling information further.


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