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25/05/17  Team Consulting celebrates milestone of 100 employees

Reaching 100 employees is a significant milestone in our journey, and it gives us cause to celebrate the contribution of all of our staff.

Cambridge, UK – Team Consulting has just hired its 100th employee. The medical device development consultancy’s aim has always been to deliver the best possible work for its global client base, and in pursuit of this, it has seen demand for its services in design, engineering and human factors continue to increase. This demand has led to continued recruitment over the last few years, reaching the 100 employee milestone on 22nd May, 2017.

This organic growth of the 30 year old Cambridge consultancy has resulted in a company teeming with talent. Its increased employee base is now able to deliver larger and more complex projects for clients around the world. From the development of drug delivery devices such as inhalers and auto-injector pens, complex medical systems that assist in surgery and innovative diagnostics equipment, Team’s range of medical device development experience has continued to grow with each new addition.

What matters most to Team is hiring the right people, as a collaborative working culture is at the heart of the company ethos. Team has grown carefully but steadily, with employee number 100 joining the business this month.

Andrea Pybus, Team’s HR Director, who has road mapped and overseen recruitment, comments: “I joined a company in 2014 with just over 50 talented employees and no HR department! Today we are 100 talented people and it is the power of the whole that is so inspiring. Our culture is about continuous improvement and currently we are looking at what it means to further develop our employee ownership ethos to make Team an even better place for our employees to work and to ensure that as a growing company we remain engaged and grounded.”

Dan Flicos, CEO at Team, reflects on the pace of change and development at the company: “Back in 2011 there were 35 employees at Team. At that time, we decided that we needed to double in size in order to be able to handle the larger projects that our clients were asking us to do. That set us on a path of organic growth, fuelled by client demand that has continued to today.”

“Reaching 100 employees is a significant milestone in our journey, and it gives us cause to celebrate the contribution of all of our staff. As for the future, growth is no longer a business objective but it is perhaps a natural consequence of having a vibrant and talented team with expertise that is valued by our clients.”

Eleanor Hughes joins as employee number 100 (she says “hello!” but we’ll give her a bit longer in the barn before asking for a longer quote). This growth follows on from previous news of Team’s office expansion earlier in the year, and 2016’s end of year announcement that Team transferred into a new employee ownership trust, giving all staff a share in the company’s successes.

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