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08/08/17  Peer learning could spark new ideas

More and more Cambridge business people are discovering the value of learning with and from like-minded individuals, which is why Cambridge Network’s peer learning groups are increasingly popular. Anyone starting out in a management role or involved in strategic thinking will benefit from new groups starting this autumn.

Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration runs a series of peer learning programmes for different groups and they are proving highly effective, enabling participants to share experiences and develop skills in a friendly, informal learning environment. Diversity is key, as those involved – although likely to be on a parallel in terms of career progression – will come from a variety of different industries and sectors.

Places are available for two new groups starting soon – Strategic Managers (September 21st) and New Managers (October 20th). Both have CPD accreditation.

Louise Rushworth, who organises the groups, says: “The Strategic Managers’ group is aimed at those with experience  – for example, Chief Operations Managers, Heads of Marketing, Programme Managers and Senior Project Managers who have been managing large teams for many years, though often their role also drives company direction strategically.

“Topics covered are suggested by each group and are therefore relevant and timely but could cover: takeovers, corporate culture, politics, networks and resilience, recruitment, motivation or diversity.

“The New Managers’ group is for those with six-plus months' experience of management, typically, although some people are on their company's ‘fast track’ schemes. They will often have done a little management training.

“With a maximum group size of 10 participants meeting regularly over a five-month period, delegates take ownership for devising and testing their strategies, with active application of the learning reinforcing the impact.”

Find out more about the Strategic Managers’ peer group

Find out more about the New Managers’ peer group

Read more about other peer learning groups here or contact Louise to discuss your situation.

Aligned to the peer group structure is the Network's latest L&D initiative, the School for Scale-ups, which is proving invaluable for its participants.

Watch a video where Liz Upton of Raspberry Pi describes her experiences,  read more about this innovative programme for accelerated leadership growth or contact Louise if you’re interested in joining the next cohort.

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