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Automotive and Transport

The automotive and transport industries face exciting near-term opportunities to deliver the first generation of fully connected vehicles, autonomous transport systems and supporting infrastructure.

Technologies exist and are emerging to deliver the required and predicted capabilities. However, they will only become acceptable to Governments, operators and the public when the needs for international standards, effective data security and ownership of liabilities are clearly understood. Even then, such systems will only become a reality with compelling business models or targeted government directives.

The industry needs to navigate these challenges; draw on the vast experience and knowledge within other sectors; and gain access to innovations from SMEs and academia. Much of the integrated transport communications will be implemented using wireless systems and with its extensive cross-industry knowledge, the Cambridge Wireless community is ideally placed to foster and promote this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ flow of new innovation.

It is on this basis that the Automotive and Transport Special Interest Group (A&T SIG) has been formed.

The A&T SIG aims to become a leading global focal point for cross industry collaboration, working with the established automotive and transport industries and their networks to create a bridge to the less structured highly innovative internet of things ecosystem that encompasses mobile M2M and smartphone apps.

The SIG will:

  • Broaden cross sector understanding and co-operation to improve innovation flow and engender faster cycle times
  • Identify current issues and future opportunities
  • Examine emerging technologies and their relevance to the sector
  • Understand the balance of public sector versus private sector initiatives in terms of funding, delivery and meeting market needs

The A&T SIG will bring together senior industry figures and speakers and fully intends to raise provocative and challenging questions whenever it meets.

The Automotive & Transport SIG Champions

Tom Blackie,

John Okas,
Real Wireless

Nigel Wall,
Climate Associates

Contact the SIG champions at

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