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Security SIG

Information and Communications Security technology is a growth industry in a rapidly changing environment - we help people to come together and develop new solutions to meet these challenges. We arrange regular meetings that take the lead in identifying new areas for innovation in security technology.

Our approach is open and collaborative with participation from government agencies, manufacturers, engineers, consumers, business and legal experts.

We highlight the importance of security engineering in all relevant industries including communications, consumer devices and national infrastructure.

Our meetings provide a convenient platform to network with key people and to gain access to the latest issues in ICT security whether you are a manufacturer, service provider or enterprise customer of devices and services.

We aim to create the initiatives that keep businesses from making the news for the wrong reasons.

 The Security SIG Champions

Max Heinemeyer,
Dark Trace

Jason Kirk,

Nick Koiza,

Derek Long,
Cambridge Consultants

Tim Phipps,

Paul Tindall,

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Next Event

'How the crime business grew out of recession' Security SIG event - Cambridge

National statistics show a fall in surveyed crime to a third of the peak value over 20 years. Under this recessionary pressure criminal businesses have reacted with a strategy of consolidation and innovation. Leveraging early stage investments from international governments, cyber-attack has returned the crime industry to growth. Regulators, police and commercial companies have yet to mount an effective defence to this disruptive approach. In a half-day conference we will show clear opportunities for new business and good governance that emerge from a strategic understanding of crime as a service. Confirmed speakers include Dave Palmer of Darktrace