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Artificial Intelligence & Mobility– the business implications

Artificial Intelligence [AI], or cognitive computing, is changing the world – so we are told. The level of media interest has never been higher. Widespread and radical transformation of society, jobs, and all aspects of business are almost de rigour in any forecast.

Many smaller 'AI' businesses have scaled rapidly or been swallowed up through acquisition, large corporates are investing heavily in AI research. Cambridge is a hot bed of innovation in AI.

But within society generally, and even within the engineering community, the understanding of AI technologies can be low – not helped by the 'buzz word bingo' now associated with the topic. A number of CW members are therefore interested in examining this topic, and CW is organising a preparatory 1 day event on 11th May to explore the context around AI. We will be considering:

  • AI – what it is, …and what it isn’t. A primer on the subject, and an examination of the key developments and drivers.
  • Use cases enabled by AI. Examples of how AI is affecting different Industrial sectors. E.g: automotive trends (self-driving vehicles).
  • AI – The business opportunity and challenges. There are many AI start-ups – what are the unique challenges that they face?

Start Ups: Selected start-ups will have the exclusive opportunity to present their business to key partners, potential investors and have an exhibition area free of charge. Register now if you would like to be considered.

This conference will bring together a mix of academics, researchers, developers and others from a wide range of backgrounds. It has been curated by an organizing committee who have meticulously secured speakers from some of the world’s most innovative and enterprising companies.

Throughout the day regular breaks will enable networking opportunities where delegates will be able to make new contacts, share experiences and engage in conversations on the practical, commercial and emerging reality of AI.

This free to attend event is suitable for CEOs and start-ups, CTOs, CIOs researchers, engineers, data scientists, and innovation managers.

A pilot CW Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group

Moving on from the previous ‘Big Data SIG’ CW members are exploring the creation of a new SIG to cover off the wider AI topic, which will also include Machine Learning and Big Data. The aim will be to support a deeper understanding of the subject within the broader CW tech network.

This ‘pilot’ SIG will be seeking guidance on the topics that could be covered in a forward programme to help their thinking.

The group of CW members curating this event include:

James Chapman

Laurent Brisedoux

Neil Lawrence
University of Sheffield

Peter Whale
Iotic Labs

Phil Claridge
Mandrel Systems Ltd

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