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Forthcoming Events

26/04/17  Finding International Partners
more.. Collaboration is a key element of innovation and this presentation will explain how Enterprise Europe Network can help businesses find partners across the world.
26/04/17  Workshop - How to win a contract
more.. How to win a contract - the 10 minute presentation - Free Workshop with Adelina Chalmers
26/04/17  Watermill Accounting to host FREE workshop for entrepreneurs
more.. SMEs and startups are invited to a FREE workshop hosted by Watermill Accounting from 10am - 12.00 noon on 26th April 2017 at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge.
Cambridge Wireless Event
27/04/17  'Why should you have UX in your organisation' User Experience SIG event - Cambridge
more.. In this event, we will examine the benefits of UX and what it takes to truly embrace its processes, methods, and values. We'll explore different ways you can implement UX in your company. What are the pros and cons of embedding a UX person in your team? Is it better to use external consultants? Or should you train an internal UX task force? Confirmed speakers are: Leo Poll, Akendi UK; Robert Curtis, Dovetailed and Stephen Chambers, Gearset.
Cambridge Wireless Event
29/04/17  Wireless Heritage SIG 'The Old Greys to Flash Mob Kensington'
more.. Under a remit of 'Network, Learn, Grow', The Cambridge Wireless History SIG is to 'Flash Mob' the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum on April 29th, bringing together the people who built the technology of the past with younger generations to pass on the accumulated knowledge.
03/05/17  Joint techUK – UK EF Working Group meeting on improving access to export finance for the digital tech sectors
more.. techUK and UK Export Finance are holding a joint working group meeting on 09:00 on Wednesday 3 May at techUK to (i) explore the current landscape for seeking export finance / insurance, (ii)seek the digital technology and service industries’ insights on the associated challenges, and (iii) jointly explore potential solutions.
05/05/17  Cambridge Network Jobs Fair
more.. If you are a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, make sure that you put this date in your diary! The Cambridge Network jobs fair will be held at the Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT on Friday the 5th May 2017, from 12-4pm
Cambridge Wireless Event
09/05/17  'State of the Nation - Use cases for Public Safety' Mobile Broadband SIG event - Cambridge
more.. Commercial cellular networks have been driven by the needs of consumer and business users. The exceptional success of cellular has led to excellent economies of scale and constant rapid innovation. This environment has produced advanced standards such as LTE that provide multi-megabit per second data rates and multimedia capabilities, as well as traditional voice and messaging services. As mobile networks evolve to include promises such as network slicing, how will the networks adapt to dedicated services for critical applications such as connected car and public safety? Speakers include Peter Hudson of Sepura PLC, Nils Lofmark of Mason Advisory, Markus Hochenbleicher of PA Consulting and Dr Nigel Brown of Cabinet Office. With additional panellist Nick Koiza of Plextek
09/05/17  Immigration Tier 2 seminar
more.. This seminar is designed to bring you up to date on the various immigration changes.
Cambridge Wireless Event
11/05/17  Artificial Intelligence & Mobility– the business implications
more.. Artificial Intelligence (AI), or cognitive computing, is changing the world – so we are told. The level of media interest has never been higher. Widespread and radical transformation of society, jobs, and all aspects of business are almost de rigour in any forecast.
Many smaller 'AI' businesses have scaled rapidly or been swallowed up through acquisition, large corporates are investing heavily in AI research. Cambridge is a hot bed of innovation in AI.
But within society generally, and even within the engineering community, the understanding of AI technologies can be low – not helped by the 'buzz word bingo' now associated with the topic.
15/05/17  NHS Readiness - getting your product into the NHS
more.. Are you an innovative business looking to access the NHS marketplace? This event will explore opportunities and mechanisms for accessing the NHS marketplace
Cambridge Wireless Event
16/05/17  ‘What lessons can be learned from mission-critical software?’- Software/Open Source SIG event - Cambridge
more.. All too often the devices that we have come to rely on do not work as intended - phone applications crash, web systems fail to load or routers need rebooting. Conversely automotive manufacturers are using more and more software in safety critical applications where functionally safe operation can be quite literally be the difference between life or death. Representatives from Ultra Electronics, VectorCAST and Pen Test Partners will speak along with Colin Walls, Mentor Graphics.
17/05/17  Understanding Intellectual Property
more.. In this presentation we will highlight the importance of intellectual property to SMEs and explain what intellectual property is.
17/05/17  Ethical employment issues
more.. The 'ethical' agenda is hotting up for employers. There is a much greater expectation on businesses not only to keep within the law but also to take positive steps to protect employees and to promote their interests.
Cambridge Wireless Event
18/05/17  Electronic Packaging for Medical Devices
more.. The packaging of medical devices is a critical process governing the cost, performance and reliability of wearable electronics, point of care diagnostics and implantable devices. IMAPS-UK would like to invite you to The Electronics Packaging for Medical Devices Workshop to be held at The Trinity Centre, Cambridge on 18 May 2017 to offer you the opportunity to learn, network and source from a broad spectrum of end-users, electronics design/packaging companies and researchers.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/06/17  CW International Conference 2017 - Connecting Generations
more.. The theme of this years’ conference is ‘Connecting Generations’. Each generation, from post-millennials to baby boomers and beyond, is adopting and driving the development of wireless applications in their own way. Can new generations of technology that we foresee meet these dynamics or are different approaches needed now?
Cambridge Wireless Event
13/06/17  'Broadcasting New Media - is 5G a solution or a diversion?' Digital Delivery and Content SIG event - London
more.. The broadcast industry’s business models and the way we consume content are evolving rapidly. Key developments include the availability to consumers of high quality mobile devices and TV screens, the evolution of video standards (migration to HD and the emergence of UHD 4K), the proliferation of internet protocol (IP), over-the-top (OTT) TV services and more recently the debut of the ‘IP Studio’ in production. These factors all create significant additional traffic and service requirements that could have serious implications for the satisfactory working of all types of fixed and mobile networks. Speakers include Will Saunders of BBC Studios.
15/06/17  UK-Navarra Mission in Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials
more.. If you are trying to grow your business overseas, this mission to Spain will give you access to unique overseas business opportunities with like-minded companies.
19/06/17  8th Smart Grids & Cleanpower C4IR 2017 | Conference, Exhibition & Executive Briefing & Masterclass | 19-20 June
more.. This 8th high level conference will bring together innovators with smart grids project buyers. It will develop C4IR themes requested by global experts in previous series conferences since 2009, and new trends, drivers, innovations, solutions, the global market & value network.
Cambridge Wireless Event
20/06/17  Wireless Healthcare SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek, David Walker of Philips Research Laboratories and Paul Winter of TTP Group.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
22/06/17  Small Cell SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by David Chambers of ThinkSmallCell, Simon Fletcher of Real Wireless, Neil Piercy of ip.access and Simon Saunders of Google.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
04/07/17  Joint Radio Technology and Academic & Industry SIG event 'Title TBC' - London
more.. Championed by Mark Beach of Bristol University, Brian Collins of BSC Associates and John Haine of Bristol University.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/07/17  Wireless Heritage SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of the Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Simon Rockman of Fuss Free Phones, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.
Details coming soon.
13/07/17  ON Helix 2017
more.. ON Helix, brought to you by One Nucleus is our translational research conference for everyone in the life science sector.
03/11/17  15th Anniversary HVM Conference Expo 3 November Cambridge
more.. Nobel prizewinners, CEOs, Secretaries of State for business, and senior executives have spoken and led this prestigious long-running series since 2002, when the HVM Report was founded. This year we celebrate 15 years and discuss how productivity gains can be achieved with new technology and processes.
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