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Forthcoming Events

21/02/17  Innovate UK in the East of England
more.. Innovate UK in the East of England will champion the power of innovation and enable regional businesses throughout the East of England to obtain a thorough understanding of the funding and support that is available to them from the Innovate UK family including; the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Enterprise Europe Network, the Catapults and also from other regional landscape partners, such as the Local Enterprise Partnerships, Regional Growth Hubs and other trade organisations.
22/02/17  Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
more.. Watermill Accounting is hosting a FREE workshop for entreprenuers to help them learn about six typical mistakes startups make when running their businesses.
23/02/17  Innovation Matters
more.. Hosted by the University of Suffolk Innovation Centre, this presentation will discuss how Enterprise Europe Network can help SMEs navigate the innovation journey.
23/02/17  Cambridge Network talk: Illumina - Leading organisations through complex growth strategies
more.. As the genomics industry leader, Illumina is applying innovation to improve human health. Much of its success is owed to the IP that was developed in Cambridge, and Illumina maintains a very large presence in the area.
23/02/17  Intellectual Property and Commercial Legal Issues for Startups in conjunction with JA Kemp
more.. The session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover different ways of securing funding as well as trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information.
28/02/17  Short-cuts to creating your own data-led digital strategy – and tracking the results!
more.. Which digital marketing channels are right for you and why. A workshop to help you create your online content based on real-time market insight and adapt your strategy to an ever-changing market.
28/02/17  Cambridge Network's Recruitment Candidate Evening- exploring company recruitment processes
more.. Are you considering a career move this year? Are you keen to network with local businesses? We have good news....the date for our next recruitment candidate evening is in the diary! Please save the date or even better sign up now to secure your place.
28/02/17  Make the most of your data
more.. Data data data. Most of us collect it, some of us report on it, but how many of us can really say we are making the most out of it? Digital marketing specialist, Rob Welsby, offers tips and short-cuts to creating your own data-led digital strategy – and tracking the results.
01/03/17  Tech for Good is back, next up: Education
more.. The first Cambridge TECH for GOOD of 2017 will take place on Wednesday 1 March, from 6.30pm, at Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge. This time the popular meetup will tackle the question: what does TECH for GOOD look like in the Education Sector?
01/03/17  Employment seminar: hot topics in discrimination
more.. Breastfeeding air hostesses, Islamic headscarves at work and 
cakes promoting gay marriage have all hit the headlines in recent 
09/03/17  Armenian-British IT Business Networking Event
more.. Come and meet 15 of the top Armenian IT companies at this free networking event in London
Cambridge Wireless Event
11/03/17  Wireless Heritage SIG 'Science Museum, Geek-Flashmob'
more.. Championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of the Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online, Nigel Wall of Climate Associates and Simon Rockman of Fuss Free Phones.
15/03/17   The Two Counties Business Exhibition
more.. It's time to book your company's exhibition stand at Newmarket's premier B2B networking event.
15/03/17  Sources of Finance
more.. Learn about some of the sources of finance available to innovative SMEs from the Europe and the UK.
Cambridge Wireless Event
20/03/17  CWIC Starter: Immersive - London
more.. This event constitutes not only an informative tutorial in the science of VR and immersive communications, but also a preparatory forum event for the key 'Immersive' conference theme within the annual CW International Conference (CWIC) in June 2017. March's CWIC Starter event in Immersive Technology forms a comprehensive Masterclass in immersive and mixed reality technologies and creativity. The event provides delegates with a complete insight and understanding of both the production issues and application opportunities for this amazing new technology platform. Speakers to be announced.
Cambridge Wireless Event
28/03/17  CWIC Starter: LPWAN & IoT - Cambridge
more.. Today, LPWAN is a plethora of acronyms and obscure technical debate. This LPWAN CWIC-Starter event strips that away, explaining the different options and concentrating on how they will affect your business, both in terms of efficiency and potential disruption. It also looks at the effect of the potential tsunami of data they can produce and demonstrates how that can be utilised to shape new business models.
Cambridge Wireless Event
30/03/17  CWIC Starter: Healthcare - Cambridge
more.. Healthcare is a growing market that is moving away from the traditional manufacturers’ and is seeing a wealth of innovation from young entrepreneurs and SME’s. However to these new entrants the market can be overwhelming with acronyms, market led phrases and a language barrier between the technical and clinical stakeholders.
Cambridge Wireless Event
04/04/17  'It’s all about the people!' Business SIG event - London
more.. You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you don’t have the right people in place to deliver it, your business won’t succeed. No matter what else you do - it’s all about the people! Join us for this highly interactive event hosted by Taylor Vinters in London to find out more and to discuss with like-minded peers the importance of having the right team to grow the business.
Cambridge Wireless Event
06/04/17  ‘How the crime business grew out of recession’ Security SIG event - Cambridge
more.. National statistics show a fall in surveyed crime to a third of the peak value over 20 years. Under this recessionary pressure criminal businesses have reacted with a strategy of consolidation and innovation. Leveraging early stage investments from international governments, cyber-attack has returned the crime industry to growth. Regulators, police and commercial companies have yet to mount an effective defence to this disruptive approach. In a half-day conference we will show clear opportunities for new business and good governance that emerge from a strategic understanding of crime as a service. Confirmed speakers include Dave Palmer of Darktrace
Cambridge Wireless Event
25/04/17  Legal SIG 'Title TBC'
more.. Championed by Phil David of ARM, Ali Ramadan of Bird & Bird and Anthony Waller of Olswang.
Details coming soon.
26/04/17  Finding International Partners
more.. Collaboration is a key element of innovation and this presentation will explain how Enterprise Europe Network can help businesses find partners across the world.
Cambridge Wireless Event
27/04/17  User Experience SIG 'Title TBC'
more.. Championed by Marine Barbaroux of Cambridge Consultants, Stefano Borini, Giuliano Maciocci of eLife Sciences, Allan MacLean of Amdeo, Geoff McCormick and Leo Poll of Akendi UK.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
09/05/17  'State of the Nation - Use cases for Public Safety' Mobile Broadband Event - Cambridge
more.. Commercial cellular networks have been driven by the needs of consumer and business users. The exceptional success of cellular has led to excellent economies of scale and constant rapid innovation. This environment has produced advanced standards such as LTE that provide multi-megabit per second data rates and multimedia capabilities, as well as traditional voice and messaging services. As mobile networks evolve to include promises such as network slicing, how will the networks adapt to dedicated services for critical applications such as connected car and public safety? Speakers include Peter Hodson of Sepura PLC and Nils Lofmark of Mason Advisory.
Cambridge Wireless Event
16/05/17  Software/Open Source SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, David Berry of PTC, Phillip Burr of ARM and David Roberts of Jabooh Software Solutions.
Details coming soon.
17/05/17  Understanding Intellectual Property
more.. In this presentation we will highlight the importance of intellectual property to SMEs and explain what intellectual property is.
Cambridge Wireless Event
18/05/17  Digital Delivery and Content SIG 'Broadcasting New Media - is 5G a solution or a diversion?'
more.. The broadcast industry’s business models and the way we consume content are evolving rapidly. Key developments include the availability to consumers of high quality mobile devices and TV screens, the evolution of video standards (migration to HD and the emergence of UHD 4K), the proliferation of internet protocol (IP), over-the-top (OTT) TV services and more recently the debut of the ‘IP Studio’ in production. These factors all create significant additional traffic and service requirements that could have serious implications for the satisfactory working of all types of fixed and mobile networks.
Cambridge Wireless Event
18/05/17  Electronic Packaging for Medical Devices
more.. The packaging of medical devices is a critical process governing the cost, performance and reliability of wearable electronics, point of care diagnostics and implantable devices. IMAPS-UK would like to invite you to The Electronics Packaging for Medical Devices Workshop to be held at The Trinity Centre, Cambridge on 18 May 2017 to offer you the opportunity to learn, network and source from a broad spectrum of end-users, electronics design/packaging companies and researchers.
Cambridge Wireless Event
25/05/17  Future Devices SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Dev Audsin of Beko, Amyas Phillips of ARM, John Roe of Accenture, Charles Sturman of u-blox and Peter Whale of Iotic Labs.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/06/17  CW International Conference 2017 - Connecting Generations
more.. The theme of this years’ conference is ‘Connecting Generations’. Each generation, from post-millennials to baby boomers and beyond, is adopting and driving the development of wireless applications in their own way. Can new generations of technology that we foresee meet these dynamics or are different approaches needed now?
19/06/17  8th Smart Grids & Cleanpower C4IR 2017 | Conference, Exhibition & Executive Briefing & Masterclass | 19-20 June
more.. This 8th high level conference will bring together innovators with smart grids project buyers. It will develop C4IR themes requested by global experts in previous series conferences since 2009, and new trends, drivers, innovations, solutions, the global market & value network.
Cambridge Wireless Event
20/06/17  Wireless Healthcare SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek, David Walker of Philips Research Laboratories and Paul Winter of TTP Group.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
22/06/17  Small Cell SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by David Chambers of ThinkSmallCell, Simon Fletcher of Real Wireless, Neil Piercy of ip.access and Simon Saunders of Google.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
04/07/17  Joint Radio Technology and Academic & Industry SIG event 'Title TBC' - London
more.. Championed by Mark Beach of Bristol University, Brian Collins of BSC Associates and John Haine of Bristol University.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/07/17  Wireless Heritage SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of the Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Simon Rockman of Fuss Free Phones, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.
Details coming soon.
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