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‘Next 25’

Two years ago we were delighted to help co-promote an event which marked the 25th anniversary of the mobile phone industry in the UK. Cellular 25 was organised by Cambridge Wireless, chaired by Sir David Brown and featured presentations from all of the UK cellular operators and five key vendors, followed by a rather nice dinner and a large sponsored birthday cake.

The event helped to raise funds for the new gallery at the Science Museum, The Making of Modern Communication, opening in 2014.
Two years later the Museum are, as you might expect, two years closer to the launch of the gallery and have some exciting plans that they would like to share with us.
These include a number of projects that engage with different sectors of the telecoms industry drawing on the archive resources of the Science Museum including a book project, Making Telecoms Work – from technical innovation to commercial success with the international publishing house, John Wiley and Sons. These projects are part of on-going fund raising initiatives that also help to demonstrate the relevance of the Science Museum to present and future strategic decision making in the telecoms industry.
We would be delighted if you could join us for NEXT25 to hear about the new book, to learn about follow on projects and to get an update on progress with the gallery.
‘Next25’ will be held in the ‘In Future’ space in the contemporary Wellcome Wing from 4.45 to 6.45pm on Wednesday 25th January with a drinks reception and light refreshments.
4.45  Registration at the Science Museum Group Entrance in Imperial College Road not the main entrance in Exhibition Road. Take lift to the In Future space)
5.15 Welcome from Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the National Museum of Science and Industry
5.30 Update from Tilly Blythe on the ICT aspects of the Making Of Modern Communications gallery project
5.45. Making Telecoms Work – book launch Geoff Varrall of RTT and Mark Hammond  Editorial Director, John Wiley and Sons 
6.00 Closing remarks from Mike Short, Vice President of Public Affairs, Telefonica O2 and President of the IET
6.15 Watt Next Tour hosted by Ben Russell, workshop curator.
6.45 Guests have option to join the LATES evening and or meet for further refreshments in the Members Bar
10.00 Museum Closes
If you could e mail me  or phone me or text me (07710 020040) if you can attend I can add you to the guest list.  Numbers are limited to 50 guests.

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